(Posted 20/06/17)
2018 Provisional Rallies.

Don't forget the 2018 Rally Launch will take place at 10am on Saturday 18th August at Lyndon Top.  Anyone not able to make the rally, but would like to run a rally next year, please let Gary Brewin know and 
your name will be put down at 11am if the rally is still free.  


Also if you need any more info, on the new sites or anything else please get in touch.  Please see the provisional rally list for 2018 by clicking HERE.

(Posted 20/03/17)
Bitteswell Big 1950's Bash, Rally No.19

We will be holding a tea party at 3 o'clock on the Saturday Afternoon, where there will be the best dressed table competition, with a prize given to the winner.

Don't forget to wear your 1950's costumes to make it an authentic 1950's afternoon.

Cake and cups of tea will be supplied by the centre, just bring your own sandwiches and nibbles etc.

You can still book this Rally on line.

(Posted 13/06/17)
Rally Update

Rally No.27, Bamford  has been CANCELLED as no Marshal has been found.

(Posted 10/03/17)
September Holiday, Rally No.30

The Rally scheduled for Hastings has been changed to Kloofs Caravan Park, Bexhill, Kent.

The Marshals remain the same and more details will be posted onto the Rally page soon.

(Posted 15/02/17)
Rally Update

A new venue for August Bank Holiday has been found. Comberton Golf Club, Near Pershore, Worcs.,  ideal for the Cotswolds. If anyone is interested in marshalling this rally, please contact Gary Brewin for details.

(Posted 13/02/17)
Calling all Rally Marshals (again!)

If you require any further equipment on top of the standard rally kit, please contact Moz Lester the' Equipment officer' so that he can then arrange to get the extra kit to you.


There is a equipment list in the rally packs you received when you agreed to marshal a rally.

(Posted 5/01/17)
2017 New Year Rally

If you enjoyed the New Year Rally 2016, then please do not hesitate to book for 2017.

The Theme is the 1940's on the 29th Dec where ration books will be allocated!!

The 30th Dec will be a Denim night, so it will be time to get them Levi's out as well as the denim Jackets, for the brave among you Denim Dungaree's!!!!

News Years Eve will be Dress your Best.

See 'Forthcoming Events for more details.

(Posted 22/01/15)
Calling all Rally Marshals

If you are marshalling a rally and think of something else that would promote your rally, like a photo of the field, a poster, extra details about the social, or ..... anything, then here's what to do. Send your info to the webmaster and he will then put it in the last column after the 'book on line' facility of your rally. It's the new column that is called 'More'. It will then be available for everybody to see, because of course not everyone does Facebook.

(Posted 07/01/15)

Having a Problem?    ........ 'Who ya gonna call?'

Centre Membership   -  Please email or phone Jessica Browne, our secretary, if you are having issues regarding Centre membership.

Questions about Rallies  -  Please email or phone Gary Brewin if you have any questions regarding rallies.

These people can tell you the right answer.

email addresses - click the Committee button. Also Phone no's and email addresses are in the Rally Handbook.